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Evil Angel is a pornographic website with over 8,000 individual scenes, and 3,000 image galleries, with content that features hardcore sex, and lesbian action. The website is easy to navigate around, and there is a effective search feature, allowing users to search for videos via their favorite niche. Members can also search for videos by director, movies, or model. The landing page has the most recently uploaded content, with thumbnail previews for all the movies, and a brief description of what each scene entails. The video scenes are taken from well over 1,000 DVDs and feature some of the world’s most famous porn stars including Belladonna, Mason Moore, and Rocco Sifredi. Well over a third of all movie are available to watch in a high definition resolution, whilst the others are in a good video quality.

In addition to the videos, the thousands of photos are available to download, or can be viewed directly on the website. Members who join Evil Angel with notice the easy registration process, which only takes a few minutes to complete. Once a member has inputted their personal details, and chosen their method of payment, they will need to validate their email address. They can do this by clicking on a web link which is embedded in an email sent to their inbox. Once this has been done, they have completed the registration process and can view as much content as they want.

Evil Angel updates it website on a daily basis, and also features a large number of web cam shows, which are included as part of the membership. There really is something to cater for almost every niche or fetish on Evil Angle, and with updates becoming more frequently, their database of photo and video content is becoming one of the largest on the web.

There is a dedicated customer service department where members are able to submit a technical query or question about one of the movies directly to the website’s administrators. The response is usually quick, and Evil Angel pride themselves on their customer service. The inbuilt video player is very reliable and allows members to view videos without worrying about technical glitches, or whether the video has buffered correctly.


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Bangbros are best known for their site Bang Bus, but they have put together lots of other great sites available to you through the BangBros Network. You also get to enjoy special sections that add extra DVD movies to your experience, increasing the amount of porn in their site.

The over 40 sites in the BangBros Network together with the bonus movies generally focus on everything. By getting yourself membership, you will access sites such as Big Mouthfuls, Tits Round Asses, Street Ranger, Ball Honeys and many more. Most focus on gonzo or reality themes, but there are those that specialize in hot Latina fucking and big tits or huge asses.You will also find plenty of hardcore couples fucking, threesomes, lesbian sex and much more.MILF lovers and teen fanatics are guaranteed to love it here.

Their content adds up to more than 6,413 movies with new ones being added daily. A scene will have fewer download and streaming options depending on how old it is. Most scenes usually come with at least one HD viewing option, enabling one to choose between full-length files, collection of four parts or a series of five-minute clips.

The older scenes are of average or good quality although some may be grainy. The full-length files are availed in both MP4 and Windows Media files and the clips come with an additional MPEG. Each scene has a set of vid caps that can be viewed online and saved in Zip files. Perhaps the largest advantage to Bangbros is the fact that they have a current bangbros discount promotion active, be sure to take a look.

Although there is no separate photo section and you prefer pics, you will have to click each scene to know which ones are accompanied with photos. Most come with photos as proved with the over 6,200 photo galleries. Old ones have low-res images while newer ones have high-res pics that are clear with ideal lighting.

Although there isn’t an advanced search engine, browsing is relatively easy, through latest scenes, highest rated and most favored. Scenes can also be saved to your favorites or filter by categories such as threesomes e.t.c.

By joining BangBros Network you are guaranteed a huge amount of awesome porn as it is one of the best mega sites available.


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The Brazzers Network enables you access to 30 sites such as Doctor Adventures, Jizz On My Jugs, Big Wet Jugs, Butts and Blacks and much more. These have been put together by the very magnificent Brazzers production team, committed to doing a fantastic job. The sites are great and getting around them is simple. By letting your cursor hover above the “explore” tab then clicking “sites and niches, “you are able to choose whichever website you prefer to explore.

There are also other available possibilities to look at via the content. You can look through the highest-rated episodes, use keyword tags to locate films that feature particular sex acts or use a model index to find movies highlighting your preferred porn stars. All of them make appearances here together with a mixture of young and mature beauties.

In case you prefer seeing big tits, big asses and huge cocks, it is quite easy locating good material since a number of other websites generally focus on busty babes and bib-bottomed girls who get down and dirty mostly with hung guys. This is a fact that you will notice immediately you start browsing for content.

Easily noticeable is the high quality content contained in their sites. By adding scenes from all the other sites, you end up with a total of 5,001 videos. All these movies can be streamed through an embedded Flash player then downloaded in clips or full-length files. You are then able to save them in MP4 and Windows Media files and most are availed to you in at least one HD format. Also noticeable is the huge brazzers discount we got for ya, check it out!

The videos come with a set of pictures, but you may get vid caps in some cases. There are almost 4,889 photo galleries and most of them bringing you images that are crisp and clear. The pictures may not seem large when viewed online but you are availed a hands on high-res versions when you download them in Zip files.

Although some of the sites do not update anymore, majority of them still see to it that you are provided with new content at least weekly. This means that you will be getting more than a dozen new scenes each week, ensuring you don’t run out of porn with this network.

If you want to get an awesome mega-site, then you should really consider being a member. In addition it was voted Site of the Year for 2013 and also there is nothing that can go wrong with the Brazzers Network considering its high-quality wealth material.


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No wonder God forbid man to eat from the tree and Pandora’s box was never meant to be opened. There simply are things that we’re not supposed to know. With knowledge came power, but death followed closely. Too much specialization means that only a few people can see the larger picture. Most of us are lost in details.

All these dark vibes and i forgot that despite my growing negativity I still benefit from life which I so vehemently deny. I was stuck in the middle trying to prove and disprove so many things that i have forgotten my attachment to this world and why I’m still standing on the surface of this god-forsaken planet. I wanted to break-free too quickly and in doing so neglected the virtue of patience. When my chance to escape this prison arrives I shall heave a sigh of relief. Until then I shall try to be happy as long as i can. Truth is, there is always an escape route — one we can consider a rest house. More to the point, it’s Penthouse.com.

Penthouse, it must ring a bell, right? Well, it has been around in the adult industry even before there were porn sites and whatnot. They have been one of the greatest tabloids back then. But now, you will see they have new faces and wonderful races incorporated into their magical lair of porn, where you can find over 1,500 full scenes and movies alongside 2,000 photo albums that will definitely blow your mind with their sensual excellence.

As far as downloads go, yes, you can download as much as you want. You can even turn on HD mode for select videos, which makes the experience more vivid and fun. Lastly, the Penthouse.com subscription only runs at $24.99 a month, which makes it a must grab for all. A thumbs up for this 9/10 porn resource.


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The company of a flesh is different from the company of nothingness. There is joviality, there is merriment, and it also feels real. Yet, somehow, my mind always tells be I’m better off being in the presence of the latter… and I end up following. I changed, and never have I ever been sure whether or not this is for the better.

All I know is all that occurs will spring to lessons and reminders to look back in retrospect. These are thoughts that come into my mind, but then I realized why worry or contemplate too much as well as give something more than a thought when you can simply get that crack in the house. There’s no better way to affirm that than through InTheCrack.

If you thought Playboy was the only juice they had before the internet ever came to life for porno, then you’re wrong big time. InTheCrack was among those magazines that were kept under the bed or behind counters, too, simply because of their sexiness and voyeuristic ascension. It was just like the famous Playboy and just as it is, it has also decided to put up its own online resource and entertainment portal where all the guys (and even girls) can finally enjoy watching their favorite sexy magazine covers and issue stars in real life action.

So basically, they’re not just tank top and two piece beauties anymore, but the whole thing in full scale boldness that will make it hard for you to keep your voyeurism in. One simply cannot unlove what is really loved inside and unsee what has been.

InTheCrack.com, in my theory is named so because everything was forcibly kept in and that there was just too much inside so a crack came into being, where all the good stuff flowed out through, endlessly. Or it could be that there was a crack because there was too much shaking from upstairs where the sexy neighbors are at having fun. Either way, the site exhibits over 2,000 choices of video clips and full movies. There are also over 3,000 photo galleries that leave you with a tough decision making position because all seem to be so grand that you would love to have them all at once. Nonetheless, InTheCrack lets you enjoy all these for a fair amount of $34.95 a month. It’s overall ratings: 9.5 out of 10.


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For many people, the first time doing or first time watching something is special and that is what Shes New brings to the table. When that coed steps to the platform for the first time and does naughty hardcore in front of the camera, well, that’s something infinitely special! This site promises this kind of action and more, so let’s not waste time and let’s see what they have!

The action inside is filmed in that reality porn kind of theme. It shows POV angles where sexy gals taunt and play with the camera and your desires. It shows gals doing blowjobs and getting massive penetrations for the first time.

This surprisingly big site has a more pleasant surprise for members. When you belong to them, you also have access to the TEAM SKEET network. That is one heck of a big bonus if you ask us!

The theme of innocence and not being experienced fucking in front of the camera is very heavily exploited inside this site. The gals that are cast look amateur and are very cute. There is no pressure for them to really perform like super pornstars therefore the action become more relaxed. This way, everybody can take their time and enjoy!

The important aspect that these guys got right is the “first time theme”. There is a playful nature as the Shes New gals get introduced to the hardcore-porn-lifestyle for the first time. And to make matters even more pleasurable, the site doesn’t let you down when it comes to quality of the productions. Who doesn’t like 1080p HD mp4 formats that make porn look so good? We love them, and when it’s sexy gals being pounded hard, things tend to get slippery and very creamy for everyone!

Saving the films will not be a problem plus windows media, flash, and mobile formats are available for videos. The pictures are also pleasing to the eye since they are in high res mode. The site says that they have something over 132 movies with updates coming in frequently. The updates are done weekly.

And when you find that you have some time to kill, you can cross over to the bonus network that comes with your membership. Here you will be able to see more legal teens, coeds, young models, hardcore sex, and pictures galore. Considering the fact that the SKEET network updates daily, you definitely see why membership to this site is really beneficial and worthwhile!

The gals inside this site fit the description of amateur coed having hardcore sex for the camera for the first time. The scenes are good, quality is great, services are functional, and bonuses are there to be had. Membership to Shes New is a solid investment. Check them out!


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Pure Mature is all about exploring the sexy world of milf action. Here are some of the promises they make; -quality production of material –sexy milfs picked selectively for this site –constant updates up to 3 per week –complete access to download/stream all the action as you please.

So we know what they want us to see, but the question is, do we see all the promises on their site being fulfilled? For this, we had to look into this site.

The first thing that we found was that they have milfs. These mature babes are some of the most popular milfs in the porn business today. There are lots of pornstars making hardcore action for these guys, so to that we say…ohh yes!

They take the hardcore genre and infuse their own version of erotica and artistic quality. This creates a unique brand that only they can make and continue to make. The beautiful matures inside have no issues when it comes to slobbing on cocks, riding them, getting plowed, messy money shots, and all other hardcore niches you love. And when you see the high definition close-ups, you are going to go ballistic! Your imagination and desire will be fueled to new heights by these sexy milfs.

The producers inside are fully focused on making quality material. They also have their eye firmly set on milfs. The standards for quality and milf models are very high. As a result, these guys have impressed many porn critics (like us) and they continue to do so!

There is a new breed/brand of pornography that is quickly becoming very famous. It’s called art-core. This basically takes the tired hardcore niche and transforms it by adding color, quality, creativity and certain sophistication. Art is fused with hardcore, and on this site, art plus hardcore plus milfs plus quality all come together and combine magnificently!

The milfs that are selected inside this site are the top cream when it comes to milfs in the industry. This means you will always want to look at them, which means you will always want to see the 145+ movies inside this site. The sex is intense, explicit, and moving.

There are big tits, tight holes, lots of hardcore niches like anal, DP, blowjobs, cum shots, facials, and the list goes on! All this variety is good since it gives you the chance to see the milfs do more than you expected.

The full HD quality of the Pure Mature scenes makes them pop with color. It also makes the sound perfect, the camera work is superb, and the artistic yet fully hardcore theme is there in every scene. Mp4 and windows media are both formats you can get. The pictures are high res. You can save them using ZIP file.

With more milfs on the way, and with such great services and material, it’s not hard for us to say yes to this site every single time we are asked, “Should I join?” Pure Mature is for those who think and breath milf every time and a great site to belong to. Check them out!


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This is a teen lovers paradise, if you are into girls that are 18-19 years old you will adore Team Skeet. Especially when you realize that, upon joining you get 20 full sites for the price of one.

20 Sites for the Price of One

That remark of course, is enough to stop you in your tracks, ditch my review and go and sign up. I don’t blame you of course, but I will plod on regardless! The site itself is a joy to behold. It is busy, but in a nice way, meaning tons of new scenes uploaded daily, with huge thumbnails to prick your interest.

Then there are the 20 sites of which, I shall mention a few here.

Innocent High.

Okay! Where do we start? The girls here are far from innocent, the focus is on girls dressed as school girls, students and other sexy role-plays. Loads of anal sex, cock sucking and threesomes form most of the themes. So, if you are day dreaming about your senior school years, this site will keep you glued to your seat.

Solo Interviews

Here, the focus is on solo sex and hot young girls getting off in front of you. There is nice variety too in the types of models they have chosen, so if you like them young but prefer nice big tits they have those too. Then there is the slim cute perky types to enjoy as well.

POV Life

If you are new to porn, POV simply is an ‘angle’ where it seems as if you yourself are fucking this hot babe on the screen. You get all the excellent shots of her enjoying a hard cock and it feels so real and so realistic you will probably blow your load in seconds.

This saucy site never seems to run out of ideas and new takes on things. Like scenes that include ‘Sisters that cum Together’, ‘Ass for Days’ and ‘Untie Me Please, Mister!’. There are plenty of set changes, indoors and outdoors and this all helps to keep it super interesting.


Value for money you cannot beat Team Skeet, with its massive offering. There are plenty of download options to suite any computer and tons of genres and kinks to keep any porn lover happy. The models are hot and the action hotter. Team Skeet has been around for a while and the way they are going will be around for a long, long time to cum! Excuse the pun, but I couldn’t resist!


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I have been on the Wow Girls site a few times and it always blows me away. I absolutely love the site design. It is new, trendy and so easy to use. To my way of thinking this is a leading site, in that possibly other sites will take note and follow.

Before we get technical though, let’s look at what the site has to offer in general and that which sets it apart from its peers. If you like gorgeous, and I mean truly gorgeous women that are younger, The average age being 18 years old, Wow Girls, will certainly appeal to your carnal senses.

Set Design and models are truly lavish

Set design, location and photography as part of this production certainly carry the ‘wow’ factor. They are truly lavish and well done. Then of course there are the models.

Perfect asses, hard perfect tits, cute faces, gorgeous hair and wash board stomachs are the order of the day. The male models are also something that look like they have been flown in from Vogue.

Group sex, group female masturbation, threesomes, anal and lesbian sex, it is all here. Cute tight pussies, long legs and sweet mouths wrapped around hard cocks. At times, it is too much to bare.

What do you get?

You get tons of full length films, well over 700+ and these you can download via WMV HD, MP4 HD, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android right up to 1080 full high definition. You can also stream this high quality video with flash player.

There are galleries galore, all featuring these tasty and natural women in various poses and positions. The most gratuitous part is that these girls are so natural, so young and alluring it will do your head in.

Four hundred models to tease you

On top of this there are regular updates too, the tabs and navigation as explained earlier, is so inviting and easy to use. There is a specific tab simply for updates. Another tab to look at the models on the site. Of which, there are over 400. Can you believe that? Four hundred of these divine young 18 year old Goddesses.


This site has always scored an 11/10 for me and today is no different. Writing a review for Wow girls is both an honour and a pleasure. Go over there yourself and check out the quality of both model and production, you will then find that the price is really inexpensive. Good bulky content, great site design, easy navigation and good customer care make this site a winner.


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This alert goes out to all of you who have some urgent needs in the form of kinky fetish hardcore porn. What this alert says is that there is a site where you can find hundreds of fetish action going by the name of Kink.com. Some of you maybe know it by another name i.e. kink on demand.

This site or network or whatever you want to call it has thirty sites that offer different types of kink porn. Once you pay, then you can play inside and discover how freaky you really are!

For so many years, these guys have been ahead of the rest when it comes to pleasing the fetish demands of members. They have sites that have been around for some time like “FUCKING MACHINES” and they have added new ones over the years. The various themes they cover include foot worship, TS seduction, bdsm, anal insertions, whipping, pissing, and other fetish niches.

They have one of the most diverse bdsm collections in the market and are leaders when it comes to this kind of material. The whole big collection from the 30 something sites makes up a mountain of videos numbering some 9000+ scenes. This huge amount can all be yours if you simply login and become a member.

The newer additions are high definition and older stuff is good quality still. The images are professionally done and look rather good and succulent. You are given options once you are inside. You can choose the quality and sizes of videos you want to watch. When you want the clips or full-length movies, you can download them or stream them at your pleasure.

Everything  on Kink.com works the way it should and you will have your hardcore quality fetish material in as little time as possible. One of the key selling points for this site is the online community inside. This big collection of fellow fetish lovers is very hyper and active.

You can spend hours inside this community. You will be able to get information about models, scenes, sites, material, and so on. You can also see small trailers to wet your appetite so that you can decide which movie to begin with.

You can choose to pay for every scene you watch or simply buy the monthly membership deal. Whatever you choose, you had better find out how much each option cost so that you don’t a nasty shock! These guys don’t have a lot of cons when it comes to the material, the type of fetish action, the models, and the navigation options. They are so close to being perfect, but that is a matter of perspective, and who is looking at them and for what reason!

BDSM hardcore fetish niche is one thing that these guys have little problems providing. The quality and expertise they show in making their material available rivals only the very best premium sites in the market. If you simply must have kink, you need to join Kink.com!


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Viv Thomas is famous because of his photos and other body-of-works that he has produced over the years. His main gift is photography and on his official site, there is a huge collection around, 154000+ if we aren’t mistaken. On top of the pictures there are also full length movies 200+ so this site has something good to offer all new members.

The site has some familiar and not so familiar girls. The gals are different and bring a different feel and vibe to the material. There are babes, hardcore lovers, lesbians and so many more inside the galleries.

Let us now look at the finer points inside this site and see if it’s worth the effort of joining. Due to The huge amount of material, we will look at the navigation features to see how easily you can find material or not. Here we go!

The quality of the material inside Viv Thomas looks very high-gloss quality which is a good thing. You will find both softcore and hardcore girls and material inside. The hardcore niches include close-ups, big boobs, toy play, and old school porn from back in the 80s.

The variety is good that means everyone can find material they can really enjoy watching. The material is original stuff from Viv so don’t try to look for it someplace else. The thousands of pictures inside can reach PIXEL quality of over 5000 by 3000pxls.

The high resolution pictures are full of great color and done by a man who knows what the hell he is doing. The new images are the ones with this super crazy resolution while old galleries are still high res. The videos are not bad looking but more work might be needed to make them the same crazy crisp resolution that the pictures are in.

The design that this site uses makes sure that material is categorized nicely by year, month, and this makes it easy to find stuff. The model index is good and the models are captivating to look at. The text inside the model index gives you information about the gals and other things that are relevant.

There are tags that can be used to show you a clear path when it comes to browsing the material. When it comes to downloading you are given various formats and options both for pictures and videos. The zip file is handy and comes in 2 sizes.

The video formats you can get include mov, wmv, divx, and flv. There are some extras inside that add up to the content count and daily updates means more and more of Viv’s erotic material.

This site is a hit because it has good quality for all its members. They are affiliated with other great sites inside the MET ART network. They have beautiful models and if you choose to join Viv Thomas, you are going to reap some very good benefits.


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Brad Pitt is not coming out of that poster to kiss you back. Love of this kind, unreciprocated, is just like masochism. It makes you ask the question “Why?” more than 2 times in 5 minutes. It makes you curse, damn everything you see. Many people are victims of this kind of love. Many even commit suicide because the person they love is in love with someone else. Ending one’s own life won’t make things any better. It will only end the suffering but it is a nonsensical cause of death. People who have done this only thought about their misfortunes, rather than counting their blessings. Rather than resorting to the death belt, might as well escape to the world of sweethearts called Sweetheart Video.

What Sweetheart Video is All About

It’s impossible to be unloved, but people are never contented with what they have. They always want something in return. That’s why they created the term unrequited love. They would never have thought about that if they were pleased in giving without counting the costs. Nothing’s free, even freedom itself. You have to bail yourself out of prison just to be free.

Good thing, everyone is free to give love to whomever they please. However, it won’t guarantee you that they’ll love you back, because they are also free to choose whoever they want to love. Sweetheart Video serves for the purpose of giving guys the kind of solace they need for the loneliness and anxiety they feel, and this is done through high quality level of porn. 

The site has over 526 HQ videos and a registration of only 14.95 dollars. Each episode runs a good 13 minutes. There are also photo galleries which you can go grab some really neat chairs from. Sweetheart Video going by its high level of contents can be deemed a wonderful site for all porn lovers. Go get your subscription now!


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People try so hard to be fair with each other, but still end up inside the same pit wherein they are reminded that life is unfair. A cliché it is.In fact, this world will never be balanced without this virtual imbalance. You wouldn’t be able to determine who’s the fairest of them all without seeing ugly ducklings. You wouldn’t be able to tell he’s rich unless you see how thicker his wallet is than yours. Scientists wouldn’t have been able to tell that Pluto isn’t a planet after all if they didn’t compare its size to the other planets.

You won’t know if someone likes you unless you compare the way he or she treats you with the way he or she treats others. There will be no judgments when the world is without comparison. Try to imagine a world wherein everyone’s similar, same physical attributes same attitudes, same status or class. How would people make norms in that kind of situation? In one of the episodes of Web Young’s much loved Unrequited Love porn series, there is an in-depth analysis of how people deal with such struggle and end up having sex, which is of course the very essence of it being a porn site. 

What the Episode Talks About

In the side of love, everything they say about it is real and true. Love is like questions in the rising inflection. It can be answered with a “Yes” or a “No”, a “Do” or a “Don’t”. You need to be fair but you’re not, not because you can’t, but because fairness brings inequity, unwillingly, and even unconsciously. Pretty confusing, yes, and for you to understand it completely, here’s an angle of love which people find the most painful. It’s called “unrequited love”, or love unreturned. Unrequited love is when you love someone who won’t love you back. Well, in the case of idolization, it’s obsession you’re feeling. This is perhaps one of the most interesting things I’ve found so far. You don’t only get to be hooked with up the fucking part but also with the rationale. 

More Talk on Web Young

Web Young is a one of a kind porn site and today, they have created a mirror site that comes with the same name holding over 35 videos that run for 13 minutes each. This is to give the subscribers an option to migrate their subscription to an upcoming mass of porn loads. The registration is also cheap at 9.95. So, don’t miss out on subscribing!


18 Only Girls Discount

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The women at 18 Only Girls are so hot that you will certainly feel down when you realize you have no chance of scoring them. There are 1145 movie clips here and they can be streamed on a Flash player or downloaded through several formats including three WMV formats and MPEG. There are 1385 photo sets here and they can be saved in a Zip file. All the pictures are in high resolution and that is always a plus.

The 18 Only Girls movies have an average length of 15 minutes each which is long enough for someone to look at these girls, get their cocks hard as hell then jack it off until they came. It is a tedious process but it is what all roads lead to. You are getting a lot of hardcore and softcore stuff here so it really depends on your mood. When you are in the mood for some self jacking off clips then watch that. If you want to take a look at some hot lesbian action then that is available as well.

The update schedule is consistent as they continue to add something new each day. If you add $10 a month then you will get access to a load of bonus sites. You are certainly going to end up jacking off countless times in one day once you become a member of this site. You have to love it when hot young girls perform in front of you. You know they are still new to the porn industry and that is what makes it so special.

You know nothing is stopping you from going to where they are and stroking their pussies like an expert. These women are so fine that you would wish you became classmates with them. Unfortunately, that did not happen so the best thing to do now is to jack off of them while they are totally naked. It would be hard to find a body that is that hot. You are certainly going to get more than what you bargained for when you become a member of 18 Only Girls.


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As if it was not any more obvious, Anal Acrobats is all about the ass. It is the part where a lot of guys look at when a girl passes by. You got the option to add videos to your list of favorites. You can also switch the language of the site to another language that you are comfortable in. There is a model index here that not only shows the number of hot girls here but also the hot guys as well.

Anal Acrobats is part of the Evil Angel network so you know you are going to get a lot in terms of bonuses. In fact, you get access to 40 other sites which is a big advantage so you would have something to jack off to while waiting for the next update. There are 242 photo sets here with about 30 pictures each. As for the scenes, there are 472 in total and each one is 25 minutes long. The movies can be streamed in a Flash player or downloaded in several formats such as MP4 and WMV. 

The navigation here is a breeze and you will find what you need in no time when you arrive at the members area. When you get there, you will find out the latest update so click on it and see if you jack off of it or not. If that is not the case then you can take a look at the other videos where some lesbian action is happening as the girls take a look at the asses of each other and try to insert some toys there.

It is pretty cool how these ladies let other girls put sex toys in their asses. You have to wonder what it feels like to get those things in your ass. It won’t be a good feeling to say the least. There is a drop down menu on the main page and it is where you can access the rest of the Evil Angel network. If you love anal action then you will certainly love Anal Acrobats as it is full of asses.


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To answer the question of whether plump ladies have the ability and the tenacity to make sensual, provocative, hardcore porn, enter PlumperPass! This “plump baby” is not simply a site, it is a mega site! The BBW asses that come flying at you when you join are so erotic, you will wonder why you didn’t discover this network earlier.

Members of course have access to everything inside this site. What we are talking about is BIG BABE BLOWJOBS, PLUMPERS AT PLAY, BBW DREAMS, FIRST TIME FATTIES, HOT SEXY PLUMPERS, and BBWS GONE BLACK, which are all BBW-centred sites. The network’s homepage has the update information that you seek. The navigation is also very direct and lets you visit each site very fast.

The network has 1616+ videos of BBW hardcore that will fascinate you beyond anything we can write down. As the network has matured, so has the action. And this means that there has been an increase of High Def material being added. Saving the videos is possible as well as streaming them. 

The fat-filled pictures numbering 1500+ are packed with pounds of erotic flesh. The pictures are professionally done and are High Res also. Download the BBW shots thanks to the zip file.

Like so many people will tell you, bigger is always better. That is why the PlumperPass network adds more action five days of the week, so expect fatties to occupy your desires and days for a long time to come! This is the kind of network we like seeing, where they are always adding and always improving.

A fine-tuned machine should be easy to handle and this baby is exactly that. You will be able to use the model index, search engine, tags, links, menus, etc, to pinpoint that sexy, hardcore sucking, BBW model that will blow your mind! Favorites can be saved, rating and commenting can be done, and sorting the material is undemanding.

Variety is something that this site can give any of its members. The ladies inside, apart from being all certified BBW gals, are devilishly good at making the studs cringe with pleasure. The sights, the sounds inside this network are right up there with the best porn networks in the business.

At the end of the day, PlumperPass is a sound investment. This network is only going to get plumper, better, sexier, so what are you waiting for? Invite yourself in and buy that membership.


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Do you have Japanese babes roaming around in your mind? Do you want to see them taking it from the front, side, and rear? Then Jav HD is one site that can give you what you need. 

There is the option of flying to Japan for your delicacy, but this is only an option for those who are truly flush. If this is not you, then please just stick to this online portal.

The site says that they have over 400+ models entertaining the members with some 3364+ videos and 1200+ photo sets. And even though the site specializes in displaying all the gorgeous and erotic Japanese models it can, the action inside does have some variety. There are school girls being naughty, milfs getting it hard, teens, orgies, and so much more. You also receive niches like bondage, blowjobs, hardcore, reality, outdoors, anal, etc.

The site has the ability to stream your videos or let you download them. There are formats like mp4; you can see many of the videos in High Definition. There are also mobile formats for those who want the Japanese hardcore scenes on their mobile devices. The pictures are exquisite eye candy for your eyes and evoke strong emotions of sexual desire in anyone who sees them. Many of them are High Res.

In some instances, you will be treated to video caps, but these are also quite clear and enticing. The best, however, are the actual pose photos of sexing inside the galleries. 

Now that you know what’s up and happening inside Jav HD, what about moving around the site? That is not a problem at all. The navigation features help you locate whatever you want. Keyword tags make your job of searching so simpler. The search engine does its job and gets you where you need to be fast. Type what you want and prepare for your juices to start flowing!

The updating schedule that this site uses is that of something new every day. And even if this means you get no extras, it means you have something to do with yourself every day. But thank goodness, there are 7 sites included with your membership. What you will have is an ocean of Japanese models sexing, creaming, and having fun orgasms all over your screen.

Quality is definitely a word we use to define Jav HD. We could also use great hardcore, gorgeous Asian babes, and other suchlike superlatives. Asian porn is one niche that these guys polish and present like no other, so check them out, if this is what you want.


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The name of this site, Casting Couch X is pretty self-explanatory as it focuses on those amateur girls that want to get into porn and know that they need to fuck to get into the industry. Look at this website as being a compilation of their auditions, but this time you get to see how well they do before they turn pro.

Is it real or fake?

The good news is that the action you see in this website is entirely real and the videos are the real auditions and not something that has just been acted out. This means it is all original content and stuff that you are not going to see anywhere else and it is cool that you will see fresh new talent having hot and horny sex in front of you.

The quality of the content.

As everything is brand new it means that the quality of the content is absolutely superb as everything is in crystal clear HD and you will certainly not be disappointed. The scenes may be big in size, but they are really worth it as you get to see every single tiny detail and you end up feeling as if you are actually there yourself.

How much content do you get?

You need to remember that Casting Couch X is still in its infancy, so the amount of content on there is not that high and in actual fact you are looking at around 100 videos and 100 photo sets. However, do not allow that to put you off because each photo gallery does contain over 250 images, so do the maths to see how many that works out to, and the videos are on average 50 minutes long, so that still works out at a lot of porn for you to watch.

Other cool things about the site.

Finally, you will find that the site is very easy to move around in and the quality of the screencaps that are on offer with this website are also of a very high quality and indeed much better than so many other sites that are out there. You can also get a trial offer to go and check out what they have to offer, but with them updating more and more it is always going to be in your interests to take out a longer membership so you do not miss out.


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ATK Exotics is a porn site that focuses entirely on amateur teens that are deemed to be exotic, so you are going to see hot black teens, Asians, Latinas, Mediterranean girls, and anybody else who just has that particular look about them. As long as they have some kind of dark skin about them, even if it is from being perma-tanned, then they are perfect for this site.

What is inside.

The best part about ATK Exotics is that they do offer you a wide range of styles of scenes, so at one point you can watch some hot chick in a solo scene, and then the next minute she is in some hardcore fucking with a guy. In the members area you get to choose from around 5,000 different videos, which vary in length, as well as over 27,000 image sets, so clearly there is going to be more than enough to keep you entertained.

The quality of the content.

You will probably want to know about the quality of the content and the first thing that strikes you is that even though it is amateur teen there is nothing amateur about the way it has been shot. All of their latest videos are shot in HD, so everything is going to be absolutely crystal clear and even though they do have stuff that pre-dates HD it is still of a good enough quality and there really should be no complaints.

Keeping it for yourself.

You may have noticed that some websites do not allow you to download content for yourself, but with ATK Exotics that is not an issue. Instead, the photo sets are in zip files and you are free to download as much as you want during the time that you are a member. This unlimited downloads option really is a winner.

Updates, bonuses, and price.

ATK Exotics is updated on a regular basis, so there is always some brand new amateur teen porn to check out. You do have the option of joining just this site alone or you could pay just slightly more to join their network that then gives you access to another five sites and that is certainly something that has potential. All of this means that the price is always going to be an absolute bargain and if you love teens, then this could very well be the perfect site for you.


Sapphic Erotica Discount

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Sapphic Erotica is a unique site featuring lesbian sex in all its variations. Taking at look at the sites front page is mind blowing if you are into this kind of thing. The web master of this site claims that: “He likes looking at young girls, licking and sucking and finger fucking each other” and many can nod in agreement!

Let’s Take a Look at What is Inside

Looking on the front page of Sapphic Erotica you are firstly struck by how ‘pretty’ it is. It is almost fantastical as though you are peeking at two hot legal aged teens pleasing each other in their princess pink bedroom. There is a scrolling bar at the top of the page, featuring the latest videos and content. Two blonds kiss, their tongues hungry for each other, three mind blowing blonds in a garden pleasuring each other, an orgy featuring smooth skinned horny over-sexed blond cheer-leader types giving each other oral and sucking each others nipples clearly it is hard to keep your pants on and keep browsing at this point!

The girls are way above average. They are hotter than your average porn-star simply because they have the natural bodies and beautiful faces you will only find on young hot girls of their age. No fake football tits here, nor plastic faces. You might feel as though you have reached the garden of Eden and there are no holds barred.

Comments on Content

There is 541 delicious hours of video viewing, 945 of these sultry sensual models and over 200 000 photographs to get your pervy hands on. The Sapphic Erotica models are smoking, did I already mention that? They have a great line-up of natural beauties with various tit size and hair colour that will make you break out into a sweat. Choose a model and you get all of her scenes and photographs immediately.

You can view this material either by flash player or download to your computer. There are various formats available including MP4.

The Content is Lesbian Hardcore

These girls might look innocent, but they sure now how to pleasure each other. Hardcore anal fucking, 69, oral, fisting and a variety of scene types and situation will keep you riveted to your screen.

Brief Summary

If you are into the sensual sex between two hot young women or even three or four, this site will keep you occupied for hours. The content is hardcore and in good supply with plenty of updates. The quality is excellent featuring mostly HD for the newer stuff. Sapphic Erotica is kinky and sexy all at once and we doubt that you will find another lesbian focused site as hot as this one.


ATK Galleria Discount

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If you enjoy realistic looking chicks doing realistic horny things, ATK Galleria will appeal to you immediately. The niche is young adult, soft porn and amateur. Amateur has really taken off in the last few years and it is clear to see why. With sites like ATK Galleria sex has a lot more titillation and real time hotness that some more professional models cannot seem to muster up.

Let’s Peek Inside and See What These Young Girls are up To

Let’s go and peek into the members area and get a look at what makes ATK Galleria worth subscribing to. First up there is a good weighty content available. There are over 8000 videos and the updates run daily.

That is reassuring to know as you would never run out of material to get sweaty about. The photo galleries are also bulky, standing at around 25 000 and the quality is excellent. The girls have that amateur look about them, meaning these are the young women you would expect to see living next door to you or at the office. This is a real turn on for many. Then there are of course, a few ravishing beauties thrown in amongst them. The overall appeal is their naturalness, which is refreshing.

Download and Flash Player is Available

Once you have chosen your smutty movie to watch you can either run it on flash player and it plays very well, or you can download onto various formats, including WMV and MP4. The resolution is excellent 1068×600 (streaming) or 852×480 downloadable and yes, you can store in zip files for later.

The real plus is that their content is exclusive so you need not worry that you are paying for something that some other sleaze ball is getting for free somewhere else.


The site is easy to navigate around. The featured updates are on the front page, where they belong and are easy to look at and get started with. At the bottom of the page are categories of girls, such as hairy, which is getting more popular these days, exotic or petites for example.

The rest is pretty self explanatory. The models tab will bring up the beautiful young women on their books and there is an alphabetical tab bar to help you search for the ones you want by name. This you will do in time as you are guaranteed to fall in lust with these cute tight assed little cuties  on ATK Galleria.


Nice big content, filled with inexperienced amateurs that are young and juicy and ready to please. The content is nicely ordered and easy to find. There is a nice clean look to the site, in terms of navigation which makes it all the more appealing. The flash player and downloadable movies are of a great quality and they definitely improved with time. A real keeper as their time in the market has shown. Plus, this is a growing niche market.


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In everything, or in almost everything, I tend to variate all of my choices. From ice cream to coffee (well, I’m not much of a coffee fixer, but I do imbibe some a couple times a week for some night shifts) and to my clothes, from underwear to my tees. Well, I could go through to a long list with that but let me get straight to the point – even in porn, I have an eclectic set of choices. I don’t put my bias solely on blonde American or juicy Brunette swingers. Life is too short to enjoy one category of a kind. And that’s why for a person like, nothing really beats Nuru Massage.

To begin with, Nuru Massage is a porn site. Yes, it’s a porn site and I think that you are actually getting signals here that all you see in the site are videos that put high regards to masseuse and horny clients. Well, you have perceived well, mate. Though conspicuous with its theme and motives, Nuru Massage is a medley or porn videos. It doesn’t focus simply on one pool of audience. For that, they ensure that their site is injected with all the beautiful porn creations from around the world. Perhaps all the massage centers you can find from one hotel and brothel to another.

There’s simply a lot to reap from this one of a kind fucking awesome site. For as low as 29.95 dollars a month, you will be able to let yourself be wallowed into the pits of global porn excitement. You can choose from a wide array of categories: Asian, Blonde, Brunette, Indian, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and so fucking much more! There are over 266 high definition videos made at the finest and 270 picture sets that each contain hundred of images for your eye-candy-seeking eyes.

In case you still want to make sure you’re getting the best content, don’t worry as you can enjoy a day of trial for only 2 dollars. And after that, decide! For sure, you will submit to this awesome kind of site called Nuru Massage!


Peter North Promo Code

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If think Barney doesn’t have a real life counterpart, that’s where you’re totally wrong. There is this one guy, an endangered species in this mundane plane of existence. Who am I referring to? That would be none other than Peter North.

Who is Peter North?

This guy is a goddamn legend and it can only go either of two ways for you: you will hate him or you will worship him. And why is that so? As mentioned, he is a legend and he will definitely gain more AVN awards than all of the male porn stars out there, collectively. You see, this guy Peter North, he has banged over 2000 chicks. And get a hold of this, he’s the backpacker kind of guy, so he travels profusely from town to town and country to country, spreading his piercing love to different women in every landing he comes to. Well, wouldn’t you envy that kind of kismet? Though you’re not certain whether this guy’s going to heaven or hell, at least he’s made the most of his existence with the two best things in life: travel and sex.

Now, let’s move on to what the whole point really is. Peter North’s adventures can be now viewed in a single, exclusive website. It’s called Peter North for Christ’s sake! And with this porn hub, you will get more than you have every imagined. For a 29.95-dollar cheap price tag, you will be able to enjoy over 2600 full movies that feature both Peter North’s adventures and stuff that have semblance to his whole endeavor. The movies can last from 20 minutes to 2 and a half hours like Harry Potter! Minus all the magic bullshit, of course. Just the real thing that makes sex a much more exulting trek! You will also enjoy all the photos you can glean from 500 fully unique picture sets. If there was ever a role model to getting the right masculinity on, that would be none other than this guy Peter North!

Overall, with the quality, flow of the stories and the in-modeled content that you get to see with Peter North, the site, it’s truly worth splurging on!