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Many have been bewildered by the type of collection that is inside 40 Something Mag! As a website their promise is that the ladies are all above forty years, all have sensual allure in different matured forms, and that the materials here are original makings from this studio. They are also keen on casting only mature females, and they give you the tagline –no fakes, no lies, if they are not 40 years old, we do not shoot them! It is nice to know that they are serious, cause many websites that say they have mature milfs tend to lie. You get in there and all you find is ladies between 30-35 years. (It makes many mad as hell.)

Anyway, back to the topic of concern. There are lengthy vids and the number is over five hundred by now. The number of pictures is very high, larger than the videos by maybe double. After all, there is the magazine element of the website, dealing with milf models modeling! It is said that there is many years worth of picture archives inside, and it is true. You will begin with -home, milf videos, photo sets, milf models- these are the first menu options. For each model, you get her name and age. Videos also have dates on them.

You will find reasonable variety for categories, from basic anal, interracial, big cock, lesbian, etc. Can you believe that they also have ladies in their sixties still sexual and still eager to cum orgasms inside! And if you are the cautious type, then there is a deal for you to check out. There is the 3-day deal, best for seeing how it feels to be a member. With money back guarantees, you get to know that if you do not want then you do not have to join these guys.

Let us see the options for vids and pics. You get to have the high confidence of going through galleries that have pictures in resolution of 3000pixels, and two other sizes. The other sizes are smaller. The films come in streaming and downloading files, high definition res files are here, and wmv mp4 formats. The models page has just the precise amount of information. You can get online newsletters, select favorite videos and save them, and do the surfing generally without pausing for anything. The layout format is familiar and they could make it easier for more in-depth searches. Meaning maybe some features to separate models according to ethnicity, boob size, age, niche done, and so on.

The familiar complaint about vids from older updates not in HD, but resolution that is still watchable is something this website also has to deal with. It is really models of 40 years and beyond for this website, and their capability to shoot good films makes 40 Something Mag a prize worth seeking out. It is a big yes, you should visit them.