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Dancing Bear is a pornographic website which features male strippers who attend bachelorette parties and other functions, often resulting in hardcore sex. The strippers perform on stage wearing a bear costume, hence the name of the website. Dancing Bear is updated monthly, and there are over 100 videos at the moment. However, their database of video content is growing, and the website is becoming increasingly popular, especially as it features some of the world’s most beautiful women. Half of these videos are available to download in high definition content, and videos can also be downloaded in an MP4 file format.

This format means members can watch videos when they are away from their computer or laptop, and can view content on smartphone or tablet devices on a smaller screen. For those who do not want to download files to their computer, videos can also be streamed on the website, and Dancing Bear’s inbuilt video player is reliable and easy to use. Members will be able to watch videos without buffering problems or technical queries, and all videos look great on the screen.

Although the site is only in its infancy, each video normally lasts for one hour, or even two, meaning members get a lot for their subscription fee which is already reduced because of the dancing bear discount provided. Individuals who do want to sign up for the website will need to complete a short registration form, where they will be able to select the payment method for registration. Once this has been done, members will need to validate their online account. This can be done by clicking on the link that will be sent as part of the email confirmation that they will receive once they have entered their payment details. Once the link has been clicked on, the member’s email address has been confirmed, the registration process is complete, and the individual can then watch hours of content.

The website lists all new videos on their main page, and the website is very easy to navigate, and even provides brief descriptions of the content of each scene so you know what to expect before you download or stream a particular video.