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Everyone likes winning especially if the prize is hard cash like the offer Dare Dorm makes to those willing to participate. What you’d have to do is be a student in college and film your sex life and submit to this place.

You have to make the videos standout in sexual variety and styles. So it can mean gathering some hot female babes and filming an orgy. Or it can be sex games that show the fabulous tits and asses of the coeds. The point is to be creative and wild and then you’ll stand the chance of winning the cash. Under this premise, many students have been outdoing each other in filming the amateur videos and incorporating all kinds of props so that the videos look amazing.

The sex could be in the dorm room or it can be in other places, but they do like filming in the dorms cause of the privacy that it affords. The student’s busy nature and always ready lustful bodies have added a good chunk of videos into this collection. What’s even better is that with cameras that are affordable and can capture high definition films, there is increasing quality in the movies. So there is an equal chance that you will see videos here in ranging resolution from 420p to 1080p, which is acceptable really. Since they started all the way up to now the only way for you to watch the content is through online streaming. This is done using the flash player they have.

A slow increase of the videos also dampens the mood cause you want to have new coed hardcore videos appearing regularly but they have been updating every 2 weeks or so. Reality themes are many once you have a look at the Reality Kings Network where this website resides and it’s the parent network to many other pornsites as well. Many great scenes inside this particular porn site look to be authentic for the purpose they must serve in order to convince you of the user submission angle of the material. Young students have a more uplifting look on life as they are just beginning to sample all the fun of sex and booze so the videos here look kinetic and jovial.

An easy time surfing is what you have to deal with as well as normal features that help in watching the content. They have added animated previews and update information although they don’t offer zip files for picture saving. Dare Dorm has some faults, the no downloading of videos, but everything else looks hot and fun enough for them to get positive reviews from many. You can visit them yourself to determine this and find out more about them.