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FTV Girls, standing for First Time Video Girls, is a pornographic website which features numerous actresses who are appearing in pornographic content for the very first time. The majority of videos involve girls who have never appeared on any other porn site, and there are hundreds of fresh faces on FTV, starring in many different scenes. The site has a huge database of archived content, with numerous different image galleries.

All images are either screenshots from particular video scenes, or regular photos which have been professionally taken. FTV’s streaming option allows its members to watch all of its videos in high quality. Videos stream fast and don’t have much difficulty in loading or buffering. All content on FTV is exclusive to the site with more and more videos are being uploaded throughout the week.

The website’s landing page is easy to navigate and there is little in the way of advertising. Thumbnail photos of the models are placed to the left of the page with a brief description in the center of the page. You can be sure you are getting a steal with the ftv girls discount now applicable. These texts really help to sell each model, with each description informing members about the content of the video and the specifications of each model. The models are listed alphabetically in the gallery database, making it easy to find a favorite actress. Violet, Alison and Ginger are three of FTV’s most popular models and have appeared in numerous videos, after requests from members. All photos are shot in high quality and there are numerous candid shots which can be downloaded in a variety of file formats.

Videos can be downloaded in a Windows Media Player or DivX format, or can be streamed directly on the site at a fast speed. FTV Girls also allows its members to leave comments so they can give their opinion on their favorite models or scenes, and provide feedback for the website’s administrators which is a helpful tool for FTV Girls to know which videos and scenes are the most popular.