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JoyBear produces the highly erotic videos that can be watched and treasured by both sexes. You may think that they haven’t been doing this for long but they have been producing since 2009. You may also think that men and women cannot possibly watch the same movie and get the same thrills and satisfaction, but you would be wrong. Yes, there are things guys find more intimate (than the ladies do) when watching porn, but cant there be a middle ground where both parties are satisfied? Sounds difficult huh!

Well, with patience, practice, and a team of well-experienced producers, nothing is ever impossible in the porn world. This is why the content from this website is drawing quite the interests from the market! The ownership of the website has changed hands, now they are London based and running under the guidance of a studio with established ties in the market. This studio has been into the various developments and changes that porn erotica has experienced. The product they make has been under scrutiny by tabloids, magazine establishment, and even news channels in the mainstream industry.

This is because people find it amazing how the content is crafted into existence. In ordinary porn in other mainstream studios, the male performers take the control of the scenes. While here, there are more female models being more enthusiastic about taking the lead. This means the females apart from bringing the wet erotic pussy and sex skills; they also make the scenes more female friendly so that female porn watchers can find them captivating. It not a new style of filming, some have done it. But it always comes down to how these others approached the whole setup, against how this particular website does it.

The women like to have erotic storylines that turn into naughty tryst with beautiful men. You’ll get that here. The Joy Bear guys want to have different models, different physical appearance, penetration, etc. You’ll get that also here. This producer is about making porn more positive pleasing, meaning that when they film their stuff they follow certain ethos. If you want to know the ethos, you can visit the website, go to their journal, go through the cast, chapters, and start watching the movies.

Being principled in their way of doing things also means high definition videos. It means a website that is presented in British beauty and grace. They have a wide range of sorting features, bio information, and all those other practical tools you’ll need. There’s behind scene materials, newsletter signup, and the lingering taste of class and perfection from all that JoyBear is doing on this website. There is no fault or con, can’t find it when it comes to these guys! Pay them a visit, now!